The New Photographic Movement began in the 1890's and was a major milestone in the history of photography. Before the New Photoraphic Movement photography was never viewed as an artform and was thought of as an exact science. All of the photographs that were taken were either portraits ment to capture a person at that moment in time or a means of spreading news and showing the public the reality of situations. It was at this time that people began to think of photography as an art form, many photographers began to take pictures that had no purpose other than to show the world something cool. The people who followed this movement were the first artistic photographers, their art involved science and an artistic eye. Not only did they need to know the proper chemicals and steps for developing a photo, but they needed to be able to frame an image so that it was pleasing to the eye.

Perhaps two of the best examples of the new Photographic movement were:
Edwards Steichen
external image CARL221_edSteichenSelfPortrait.jpg

Alfred Stieglitz
external image stieglitz_selfportrait-1907.jpg